What Our Customers Say

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With just a one page brochure and a few photos, it’s amazing what they were able to do with the website. They were able to present our message across the way we intended it to be.


Marketing Manager, Bintang Hati Day Care

I just wanted a very simple blog to help other investors at the same time market our and friends properties, we got a lot inquiries the properties that were listed on the website. Overall the website has achieved it’s intended purposes and they also did the social media campaign for us.


Investor, Properti-Indo

Siliwangiweb is a sister company, so this testimonial maybe a bit biased. I wanted a website that showcase our company capabilities and products so I wanted a website that when land on the home page you know exactly what the company is all about.

They are not your typical web design company in that, they focus on understanding  your purpose of having a website besides the obvious internet presence so they can design it accordingly. Since the website launch, we have steady increase in sales, I am very please with the work they have done.


CEO, Siliwangi Marine Technologies

Great…I am very please to see the website design. They also suggested some modification to highlight the features of my business. Excellent and speedy turnaround from concept to implementation.

Oh and I change the web address, the now with the dot.com thing, I thug this will take a while but for them it’s just like turning a switch, within a day the site is using the new address. Excellent work and support.



President Director, Urbanest Residence