The Process Of Building A Website

What You Need To Know About Building and Maintaining a Website

What do you need to create a web site ?

For most people you see the end product, the site you browse on the internet looks nice, elegant and simple. However there is more than meets the eye, just like a car you will not know the true value until you see whats inside, you need to following just to create a website or your online address not that these are the bare minimum.

A. Domain Name

B. Name Servers

C. Hosting Account/Servers

D. Content Management System or CMS Platform

E. Premium Thems

F. Premium Plugins

G. Some Basics Programming Skills

H. Proficiency In Image Processing Softwares

I. Your set images or photos including your logo

J. FTP account and FTP Software

Can you explain a bit more about those items ?

Ok let me try to explain in layman’s terms or a simple as I can and make an analogy to things you are familiar with 😉

A. Domain Name – this your address in the internet, its like your phone number where people can find you but on the internet

B. Name Servers – is a specialised server on the internet that tell people where you are, just like you wireless phone provider but on the internet

C. Hosting Account -this a web service that aloes people find you on the internet and stores your actual website, it like your house where all you stuff are stored

D. Content Management System or CMS Platform  – is a software that manages your stuff and serve it to people who wants whats on your website just like your personal assistant or lie a waiter in a restaurant

E. Premium Theme – This the the piece of software that define the layout of your site how it feels and how it looks, this is like the interior design of your house

F. Premium Plugin – These are softwares they are tools  to make your house looks nice and makes tasks easier just like a vacuum cleaner,a washing machine or dishwasher etc

G. Some Basics Programming Skills – Too technical to explain 😉

H. Proficiency Of Image Processing Softwares – software that make your photos looks nice and tidy such as Photoshop and Illustrator

What is the cost of website design and development ?

Hmm a loaded question, let me ask you this what  value do you give your house, address and your brand to you?, my quick and honest answer is “Ï don’t know” because different people put different value to what is important to them. Its not what you see that is important, it is what is inside that make it run. But anyway let me go through the tangible of website development

A. Domain Name  $10-20 per year (assuming nobody owns the domain you want)

B. Name Servers $10 -20 per month

C. Hosting Account $10 – 20 per month (Shared Servers)

D. Premium Theme $50 -200

E. Premium Plugins $15 – 200 (each, typically on my designs I use at least 5 of them)

F. Stock Images $2-10 per image

Items A – C are recurring cost so be aware of these so you don’t get any surprises in the future

Now let me go a bit technical on you

G. It takes about 10 – 25 specialised man working days to to design and develop a website

H. It take another 5- 10 specialised man working days to optimise a website  like tuning your car engine for a specific race

For items G and H  you know how much you make per day so I’ll let do the math yourself 😉

Please note: these are 2016 Estimates



Are there any other costs ?

Just like your house, car or any other electronic device, you need to maintain them to make sure they in top shape and in good working condition. This holds true for our website and the following are some of the operation and maintenance task

A. Security Scans and Updates

B. CMS and Add-on Software updates

C. Website Backups

D. Content Updates

E.  Site Content Modification

F. Renewal of Domain Names and Hosting Service

The Cost for these varies depending on where you get the service and they business model but on average expect these values

Hourly Rate $50 – $100

Flat Rate $500 – $1000

Monthly $100 – $200

Please note: these are 2016 Estimates

What do I need to provide to the web designer for my site ?

Ahh this is the most important thing that you can do to make the design and development as smoothly and quickly as possible

A. Content or specifically what you want to say in the website

B. Preferred design if you have for example a favourite website layout

C. Write up about yourself or your company/ organisation

D. Contact Details like phone and address

E. High resolution Images to display in the website

F. Lastly, your Logo image (if you don’t have we find some through image repository sites)

It is very important that you deliver these to the designer on the agreed timeline so as not to delay the progress of the development.



What do I do if I don't need the website anymore ?

You sure? if you are then the simple answer is delete it but back it up before deleting just in case you change your mind. The technical answer is delete all the files in your hosting account, then block search engines from  looking at your address, remove the content from search engines. The just let your domain and hosting account expire assuming you don’t want to keep your domain name and email address.

Please note if you do this you will loose all your website ranking from search engines which by the way ranking takes time, money through marketing campaigns and a lot of effort to get just a bit closer to the top of your chosen target market.

A better alternative is to put you site under maintenance mode, where it just display a one page that says your site is under maintenance, this way if you decide to reactive it all is not lost just like nothing happens.