How it started and why we do what we do


Our Story

SiLiWANGiWeb™  focuses on complete website solutions that covers domain related services such as registration and hosting, website services ranging from web design, web development, administration, maintenance and end user training. Supported globally by networks of designers and programmers with experience ranging from the latest HTML and CSS to Adobe Creative Suites.

Started in 2012, initially as a hobby the founder and lead designer who studied engineering and majored in electronics and computer sciences pursued a career in the telco industry. He is also a Professional Scuba Diving Instructor certified the the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and Project Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute, He is also an Amateur Radio Enthusiast with licenses in multiple countries. On his spare time he writes codes with the help of fellow enthusiast and design websites  to keep up with the progress in the IT industry, he is also an experienced internet marketer setting up effective campaigns on various search engines and social media platforms that contributes signifiant volumes in sales funnel. Most of his web development projects and marketing campaigns were for friends and colleagues and most of the time concepts and audience targeting for these websites were made over a cup of coffee. The company’s philosophy has always been “be passionate with what you do and the rest will come”

At SiLiWANGiWeb™, we believed that all business enterprises need a a web presence these days as the world wide web can offer unlimited exposure both locally and internationally. Our belief and philosophy are reflected with the way we do business, our pricing are structured in such a way just to cover our operational cost with very minimal profit. In some cases based on the client situation we can do a deferred payment and the client just cover the upfront cost of activating the domain name, why? because we enjoy what we do and at the hearth of all of these, it’s still a hobby that proves great satisfaction and continuous learning.


Our Capabilities

  • Computer Engineering 85%
  • Graphics Design 85%
  • Web Hosting 90%
  • Web Development 95%
  • Social Media Campaign 90%